Attention Schools!

If you have students in grades 5-12 attending your school, and you want to showcase their talents and
achievements, Club Z! would love to help! Our Annual Achievement Award is designed to recognize achievements for students in 5th through 12th grade, whether they’ve overcome obstacles, shown leadership in the classroom or on the field, or just are stand up student-citizens. Club Z! awards over $25,000 EACH year to deserving students that exemplify achievement. There is absolutely NO tutoring required, and students don’t have to sign up for tutoring to apply or win! It is open to ALL students in the applicable grade levels. Teachers, counselors and coaches simply nominate any student they want, and Club Z! does the rest! To request flyers and hard copy applications, please
call 800-434-2582 today.


What teachers are saying....

I want to thank you and Club Z! for all you have done for , not only our students, but for all the students who are motivated and inspired by your program and awards. This is such a huge thing for both Nathalie and Brittney, something that neither will ever forget. I am sure that it will catapult them to further success and give them the confidence they need to persevere in the future. It is amazing that two students in the same class….during the same period….and who are connected as mentor and mentee…could both receive this national recognition. That speaks volumes about them but it also speaks volumes about you and your Southern California operation. Thank you for my beautiful certificate and for the generous gift card. It was too much and totally unnecessary….but very much appreciated. (I was also given a gift card from you and Club Z about a week ago!) Thank you! Thank you! With your permission, I am going to use it as an outstanding student award at the end of the year. Last and very important, thanks for coming to our class today to make the presentation. It meant more than I can say to Brittney as well as to the entire class. You inspired everyone. I am deeply grateful! If we can ever help you and/or Club Z! In any way, please do not hesitate to ask. We will be honored to help and show our respect and appreciation.


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